For Families:

A referral from your GP or specialist is strongly recommended. It provides valuable background information and information relevant to your child’s heart. To deliver the best care to your child, we will work in partnership with your GP. In this manner, referrals from your GP allow us to provide the best possible care.

In addition, without a valid referral, any Medicare rebate will be substantially less.

In order to prepare for the upcoming appointment, our practice will request a referral prior to the appointment. Prior to the appointment you will receive text messages reminding you if we have not received a referral prior to your appointment. If you have a copy of the referral, it can be emailed to us:

For subsequent appointments, please check with us as to whether a referral is necessary.

It is possible to attend an appointment without a valid referral. However, please be aware that you will be charged for the full price of the consultation with no Medicare rebate possible. Please also be aware that GPs and other specialists are not allowed to “backdate” referrals.

For Health Professionals:

Sydney Paediatric Cardiology uses Health Link for secure, direct and efficient communication. Our EDI is sydpaedc. This means of communication is strongly encouraged. Alternatively, use our email address: Finally, referrals may be faxed to us, but this means of communication is not encouraged. Our fax number is 02 9891 6002. We do not encourage hard copy referrals in the mail.

If you would like your patient seen by the first available Cardiologist, then please do note this in your referral. Our practice staff will then be able to allocate an appointment at the earliest possible time.