New Appointment

April 2023: Sydney Paediatric Cardiology is pleased to announce the services of Dr David Youssef. In addition to exceptional general paediatric cardiology skills, David has other unique and important skills which will allow Sydney Paediatric Cardiology to provide even more sub-specialty skills and care to the children of Sydney and beyond.

brand-new ultrasound (echo) machine

March 2023: We purchased our brand-new ultrasound (echo) machine. This machine is state of the art and will allow Sydney Paediatric Cardiology to continue to offer the very best possible care many years into the future.

Partnering with Xestro

February 2023: Sydney Paediatric Cardiology has partnered with Xestro, a digital practice management system. Our new digital system will allow us to work even more efficiently. Importantly, it will allow seamless communication with our families using the latest technology.

Our New Logo!

January 2023: Our new logo was created and adopted. The design reflects that a child’s heart is at the core of what we do. However, we wanted the design to reflect the welcoming, calming, and holistic nature of Sydney Paediatric Cardiology. We’re very pleased with our new logo and think that the design reflects some of our core principles.