Sydney Paediatric Cardiology

We provide clinical excellence and family centred care for all paediatric cardiology conditions. We are able to provide all of the necessary skills and expertise for your children from birth to adulthood. All of our cardiologists have full admitting rights to both of the Children’s Hospitals in Sydney, providing access to comprehensive investigations and the necessary care for your child. Our doctors provide specialist state-wide care to children with heart conditions, and are leaders in their field. We also recognise that high level
medical care not only involves delivering the very best care to the child, but giving holistic and compassionate care to the family with integrity and honesty.

All staff in our centres provide World-Class care to all children and their families. We are able to offer care from newborn infants through to older teenagers and young adults. Our cardiologists have developed strong relationships over many years with adult cardiologists. When the time comes this allows for the seamless transitioning of care for those young adults that will need ongoing specialist care.

Our specialists offer services across Sydney. Our principal practise is based at Westmead in close proximity to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Our specialists visit locations across Sydney and other large centres in NSW.
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This is an ultrasound of the heart. This technology uses sound waves to create pictures of the heart in real time.


This test allows for the electrical recording of the heart rhythm.


Sometimes our specialists will recommend recording the heart rhythm over a longer time period.

Stress ECG Testing

Occasionally, our specialists will recommend an ECG to be undertaken during controlled exercise on a treadmill.


For more complex heart conditions, our specialists may recommend a Cardiac Catheter test.

Studies and Ablations

This procedure can be used to treat an underlying heart rhythm abnormality with catheters, and performed under a general anaesthetic.


This is a specialist obstetric ultrasound performed during pregnancy most commonly at around 20 weeks.

How to Book an Appointment

Making an appointment with our Specialist doctors at Sydney Paediatric Cardiology is easy

Step 1

Please call us on
02 9891 6800 to book an appointment and our administrative team will be happy to assist you

Step 2

A text message to your mobile phone number will confirm the appointment. Further useful information regarding the appointment will be sent to your email.

Step 3

Reminder text messages will be sent to your phone in the days before the appointment.

Step 4

You will need to confirm your appointment

During your appointment, your child will have a full and comprehensive consultation with one of our specialist doctors. At this time our specialist senior doctors will discuss the history of your child’s condition, assess clinical symptoms, take a family history and perform an examination. Some tests may be arranged immediately with most children requiring an echocardiogram. Other tests may be arranged with our specialist doctors’ affiliations to the Children’s Hospitals.

  • admitting rights
    to both children’s
  • continuous
  • holistic
  • many sub
  • all general
    cardiolgy services


This is private practise and payment will be required on the day of your appointment. Our reception team will be happy to discuss the out of pocket costs involved at the time of booking your appointment. Our practise is able to automatically lodge your Medicare claim on your behalf. This allows the Medicare rebate to be sent directly to your registered bank account.
A valid referral from your GP or other specialist is necessary for you to receive a Medicare rebate.